Johanne Wyld
Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist, UKCP Registered.

Update: Due to people suffering from isolation or anxiety as a result of the current circumstances, I am offering phone or video sessions. These sessions can be short term please contact me for further details.

Making the decision to enter into psychotherapy can be an important step and my aim is to offer a confidential space to discuss your concerns. Psychotherapy can be an opportunity to talk through what feels difficult or problematic in life. Sometimes people have an idea about the nature of their difficulties, others are less sure. Talking with a therapist can help you to discover and make sense of what is leaving you feeling either stuck, lost, anxious, unhappy or overwhelmed.

Sometimes current issues can stir up feelings from the past, many of which we are not aware of, but which get in the way of us living fulfilled lives. People may have suffered varying forms of difficulties or trauma in their childhoods which may continue to cause them pain and distress as adults. People can feel they are not 'themselves', or overwhelmed with anxiety that inhibits their ability to live their lives how they really want to. People may feel stuck in unhappy relationships, not feeling able to make changes or resolve issues. People can develop behaviours or strategies to cope with their difficulties that seem to work in the short term, but which turn out to be unhelpful in the long run. As problems build, thoughts and feelings can feel increasingly worse. My aim is to work with you and together we can bring meaning to your difficulties and help you to understand why you may feel and act as you do. Gaining a further understanding of oneself can then bring about change along with increased freedom of choice.

I am a qualified Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist, UKCP Registered and member of The Guild of Psychotherapists.

“I also offer supervision for Counsellors or Psychotherapists”.

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